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Every Night at Eight (1935)

Every Night at Eight was one of the dozens of “Radio Contest/XYZ Singing Sisters” movies made in the ’30s. It has very little to recommend it. Directed by Raoul Walsh, a director I don’t like, its male lead is George Raft, an actor I detest. It tells the tired tale of a group of youngContinue reading “Every Night at Eight (1935)”

Jewel Robbery (1932)

Jewel Robbery has experienced a formidable change of fortune recently. In the past, film historians sometimes mentioned it respectfully in passing in the context of William Powell’s career, or as an example of elegant pre-code badinage, or as one of the more successful imitations of Lubitsch’s style. It’s getting a lot more love nowadays, andContinue reading “Jewel Robbery (1932)”

On the Avenue (1937)

On paper, On the Avenue looks like a great classical Hollywood musical. All the songs are by Irving Berlin. It’s directed by Roy Del Ruth, an unsung master of the genre. It stars Dick Powell, Alice Faye and Madeleine Carroll. The script is by two good writers, Gene Markey and William Conselman. Lucien Andriot wasContinue reading “On the Avenue (1937)”

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