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Just the Songs 1.

From time to time I’ll post a playlist of song clips that I really like from the films I’ve been watching. Just the songs — no theory, no history, no criticism, no commentary.    

I Was An Adventuress (1940)

Sometimes you wonder why a movie gets made. I Was An Adventuress is an exceedingly odd Hollywood revision of a 1938 French film, J’étais une aventurière directed by Raymond Bernard. I haven’t seen the original, but I suspect that the remake was quite faithful, because it doesn’t feel like it was made in the US.Continue reading “I Was An Adventuress (1940)”

Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)

On the surface, Thank Your Lucky Stars is just one of the star-studded wartime variety shows that were intended to display Hollywood’s commitment to the war effort. Most film historians treat it like Stage Door Canteen from the same year, and Hollywood Canteen, released a year later. Those films explicitly referenced clubs that provided freeContinue reading “Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)”

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